>Renovation #2

Again I want to show you how an old object could be changed by an easy painting. This was a raw ceramic object ages ago. We created a metallic apperance by painting so it was like this before.( I should explain this technique later, it is really good actually)

It stayed like this, years and years in my work place, but now I brought it home. I always liked its shape. When an old object comes to our house, what will happen? It is frequently painted in WHİTE!

How did I paint the object?
After dusting, I used primer acylic paint again as usual. After drying for a day, I painted the object with white acrylic paint(several times until it looked pure white) and then by “Antiquing Medium -FolkArt by Plaid, no 817” I painted the metarial quickly(do not let dry)and then immediately used a cotton to rub the whole section unevenly to create different shades. Some parts were darker so I rub it several times until I got the best result. Finally, I used spray varnish(Folkart clearcoate acrylic sealer by Plaid) to protect the object.(Spray 4-5 times, everytime let it dry well)
The same object, from another view. There is something important here, this photograph is taken by my son, he did a good job, didn’t he? He is just 11 years old!

Come on you can do this, find a piece of object at home and start painting!


2 Yorum on “>Renovation #2”

  1. sinem guven dedi ki:

    >cok cok zevkli seyler yaptiklariniz.bir an once katilmak istiyorum araniza:)boradora:)

  2. The DIY Show Off dedi ki:

    >What a pretty transformation. Thanks for joining The DIY Show & Tell party!Roeshel

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