>More Pics from my Living Room


One night, one of my friend called me late at night. She said one of her friend’s granma had just died and they were giving all her furniture. They wanted me to see escpecially a big console at her home. I said “ok” and went to grandma’s house that night. Everything was so old and dark… Before I looked at the console I saw the above cupboard somehere deep in the corner, it was old, lonely and very ugly (dark brown high-shine painted) but I loved it.I said “Ok, I want the console but the cupboard as well”, they were so worried about me and they had given them to me without demanding any money! They were thrown somewhere in my workshop for two years and then while moving to our new house, I brought them to my furniture repairman’s place and we painted them together to all white and then antiqued them. Now they are the most valuable pieces in my living room. If you come to my home one day I am sure,even you can also feel the memories they have been keeping for more than 60 years!

It is December and my geraniums are still blooming!

Demet, I love you and my strawberries!Thank you again!



The above paintings are so important! Because the red poopies are my masterpiece and the other one is my mom’s!She oil-painted onto the glass when she was 18.

It is getting late so bye bye everyone…


2 Yorum on “>More Pics from my Living Room”

  1. Sibel Başaçık dedi ki:

    >İşte hep yapmayı istediğim ama bir türlü cesaret edemediğim şey, boyanan mobilyalar, aksesuarlar ve odanın genel görünümü hepsi çok güzel olmuşlar. Bu eski mobilyaları da boyarken ilk önce primer kullandınız heralde değil mi ?

  2. GeCe dedi ki:

    >after i saw your kithcen in 10marifet, i found myself especially looking at vintage decoration everywhere. this white room is like one in my dream, very cute.

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