>You all beautiful friends!
Hope everyone have a Happy New Year…

Today is the 3rd day of the new year. Many people view the new year as a chance to start over, to set new resolutions, to turn a page in their life experiences.
Yes, a new year, 2009!
Can you believe it?
I can’t. Just flew away 9 years after I decided to obliterate all my 19 years education and started a new life as a decorative artist…

This year?
What changes do you plan to make?
Have an ambition to do it!

You know how the old year going out is depicted by an old man with a cane and the new year coming in is with a cute little baby?I wonder what I will learn and how I will grow this year?
The light is shining toward the new year. Am I looking forward to it? What is one of my New Year’s resolutions?
I usually do not make New Year Resolutions unless I think I can carry them through. I am not that good about carrying something through… I am such a disorganized person, though when I do take something on, I do it without fail… like blogging, or waking up at 7.30 each day or wearing a seat belt, or feeding the pets even I am very ill or feeling inspirational even in bad weather….

At this moment while sitting in front of my computer, I am wondering if I can keep my New Year’s resolutions??? Knowing the moment my feet touch the ground, the day will have officially started and I will have blown two of my possible resolutions. So… I am sitting here wondering if I truly want to say the resolutions out loud and heed to them,

Ok, I’ll tell them loudly, My resolutions are planning to be more intentional in tiny acts of kindness to my family and the ones I care and love and teaching myself to be prudent.We are still suffering from being so extravagant…

I am talking simple stuff here (no 40 mile marathons, I’m not that disciplined!): Things like trying to add more happiness every day in my home, in my job, incorporating goals for healthy living, focus on financial freedom, creating a welcoming home, organization, practicing regular solitude and quiet times — nothing too complicated or out of reach…

Everyone may have different ways of making life beautiful , so it will be fun to be inspired each week by how you all are trying to savor the life you have. We can all go about this in any way that works for you. Totally up to you.

I really want to start this year off fresh and focused on living a beautiful life. That doesn’t mean an expensive or perfect life, or setting unrealistic resolutions, just living a life that is intentional on finding contentment and happiness every day. So often in the rush of life we miss out on what is really important. This is my way to keep myself enjoying life everyday with no regrets.

Have a wonderful day…gotta scoot and get some things finished up. This year is just flying by! Isn’t it?