>Tablescape Thursday

> Here it is!! Susan from “Between Naps on the Porch” is hosting 45th “Tablescape Thursday” today… Be sure to stop by and visit her..

Actually, there’s a hundred things to do at home, but I just want to play outside. So I think I share my happiness with you at Susan’s Tablescape Thursdays.

Come on dear friends… What “sort of” theme do you think I could prepare for Susan? What is my favorite “kitchen accessories” color? You are right!!!Red, red, red…And you all know I am a country girl…I should have cows, cats or chickens………ha ha ha ha…..
So I came up with a country theme with lots of red everywhere.
I spent my whole afternoon to prepare this tablescape!! It was fun, but in this hot weather, a little bit tiring…If you wonder why it was tiring, first, around 1 pm, I prepared the table without the cake and the tea… I took some photos, loaded, didn’t like it…Pictures were missing something!! So I changed my dress, drove to the nearest supermarket and bought the recipe items for the strawberry cake, came home and prepared the strawberry cake, took the photos again and loaded again…It was around 7 pm and now everything was gorgeous!!What can I do? I am a perfectionist!!

But please look into my tablescape again…Tell me the truth…Isn’t it so delicious? Summer is officially here now, it is really really hot!!!and what says summer more than red, yummy strawberries?So let’s look at how I prepared the cake.My photographer was my adorable son, as usual…Preparation of this gorgeous cake was really really very difficult, lol!! Just in 15 minutes I did it!!! Even 9 year old child could do it…No crazy fondant or decorating – just simple strawberries and lady fingers.

Okay, well, let’s see how to do it:

Simply cover a deep bowl with a stretchfilm in order to take the cake out easily later.

Place the ladyfingers around the sides of the bowl.

Meanwhile in a medium bowl, whisk any kind of cream filling which you like the most. Whisk it till you obtain a very thick texture…
Start layering the ingredients..First, start to distribute the cream to make a cream layer and then layer the pre-sliced strawberries, then lady fingers…repeat the step with a second layer and a third layer if necessary.
Turn the bowl upside down and very carefully take the cake out,and then take out the stretchfilm from on it…

Now decoration:

Working from the outside in, lay remaining strawberries in concentric circles on the top of the cake until you reach the middle.
Cut a piece of ribbon, if desired, and tie a bow to decorate.
It is better to keep it in the refrigerator for an hour before serving…

You see, how simple it is…
While choking down the cake and sipping our tea, let’s give some information about the items on my table…
Remember?…We went to a antique bazaar with my friends which I explained our trip in my last post and we bought some old teapots from there. Now, this is one of them which I decorated it on my TV show on Monday…Ohhh, I loved it…It just suit perfectly to my country theme tablescape… Annnddd, what do you think about my napkins?….


My plates and the teacup are from the “Queen’s”…

You know the red funny girl, who looks at the whole table from the behind, is a very nice present from “Sıdıka“…I just changed the letterings and wrote “Afiyet Olsun” or in English “Bon Appetite!

I love all kind of country animals….I don’t remember from where I bought them but they are so valuable for me…The fresh cherries are from my neighbour’s garden…

Okay then I have to introduce you “my cherry tree” a very big ” morello cherry tree ” in my garden…It is so lovely..I must show you before leaving you…


Thank you too for all your sweet comments as always! Now I am a little bit tired, it is time to go grab my magazines and a glass of wine and curl up on the bank in the garden…Lots of hugs and kisses…….