>One day in Defne’s House…

>Hi Pretties,

I hope you are all fine and having a wonderful summer…

I continuously check my “Live Traffic Feed and I am sooo happy seeing that, people all around the world follow my blog…..So in this beautiful summer day, I want to post some terrific photos from my amazing country…May be next time you may choose to have an unbelievable and a peaceful vacation in Turkey….

If you want more, simply visit www.flickr.com/photos/archer10/sets/72157603783207840/
Thanks Dennis!

It’s been so long since I did a post. Everyday I promise myself to post something when I return home from the shop, but when I come home , I feel a little bit tired and 1 hour later, I decide to postpone everything to the next day….What can I say? It’s been 18 days since I did my last post…I am so sorry, my lovely friends….Sometimes things aren’t going fine!!….

BUT, I know how to apologize from all of you…I will invite you to a very beautiful house…The owner of this house is DEFNE…She is the mother of three gorgeous children and a daughter of a precious mother, DERIN ..
Now, it is time to slip on your walking shoes and let’s go visit Defne! She is a friend which I am ever thankful for that! We have the best of times when we are all hanging around together in their house. Defne wears SO many hats – a mother, daughter, sister, wife, AND she is a wonderful producer, creator. She is always caring for others. She is a generous, loving spirit.
One of the many reasons why Defne’s home is a favorite of mine is because her love for her home is displayed with the same passion that she has for life. She has lovingly layered every corner with her favorite things – and all handmade! She is the most energetic woman I have ever met!I sometimes think that she hides small slaves all over the house and make them stitch, sew, paint, cook, clean the house, look after the children, have a walk to lovely golden retriever, plant, decorate, etc…Wow, she is really amazing! You will understand what I mean when you have a tour in her house.
Let’s step inside, shall we?

Oh and I promise not to be too chatty and I’ll just let you enjoy.

Yes, I (and all children)love love love Defne’s house!!I hope you enjoyed visiting Defne too – I can’t thank her enough for opening her home to all of you!
Thank you Defne!!!

Have you ever had a cat loves to eat melon before????…Okay, I have one!


Oh my God, both of them is getting bigger and bigger!!!

Thank you so much for always being such sweet friends…Bye…