>Yeni Yıla doğru…..

Yeni bir Yıl Geliyor…. Ben de oturdum, bu aralar yeni yıl için yapılan boyalı objelerin resimlerini toparlamaya çalıştım. işte sizler için bulduklarım…. Ne güzel şeyler yapmışız… Atölyemizle gurur duyuyorum… Bu arada 31 Aralık’a kadar yılbaşı resimlerine devam edeceğim, izlemeye devam edin.

Daha bitmedi ama dayanamadım Selda’nın kızağını da koydum… Bitmişini de yayınlayacağım, hiç merak etmeyin…

Bir dahaki görüşmemize kadar bye, bye…

30 Aralık’ta size nefis bir yılbaşı evi tanıtacağım. Sevgili craft çılgını becerikli, çalışkan öğrencim Defne Karaca’nın Ankara İncek’teki evi… Ankara’da böylesine kendine özgü, zevkli, şirin bir ev olduğuna inanamayacaksınız.Bu kadar tiyo verebilirim, sizi daha da meraklandırmak için Defne’nin evindeki yılbaşı sofrasından 1-2 fotoğraf…


>Look what I found in my neighbour’s house


These are some pretty and peaceful snapshots from my neigbour’s, Füsun’s house. She has a great vintage style, she has lots of different collectibles. In every room you can always find a treasure. I will make a photo album in her house when I get a better camera and show those hidden beauties to you.

Before being neighbours, Füsun was my student in my workshop 3 or 4 years ago. We painted a lot of charming objects like trays, birdhouses, welcome signs, wall appliques and jewelery boxes, etc. When we first started painting together, I realized that she likes vintage and cottage styles (which are my favorites)so we were perfect together as a teacher and a student. Then years and years later, I moved in to the house cross the street and I am very glad to have a neighbour like her. She is always very helpful, sociable, a good companyand well spoken friend.

I say a big “Hi” to her from my blog…

>Renovation #1

This picture was going to be taken without our cat “Kızım” but she insisted on jumping on the table and standing right there. After I loaded the picture, I realized the picture got more beautiful with her. She had a reason standing there!
I wanted to show the difference of old pieces after painting and renewing them. there is a white elephant object in front which I bought it from an exposition ages ago.It was brown in those days and thrown away somewhere in the house. The other was a gold painted frame one’s upon a time. It was okey for our ex-house but after moving to our new house, I am changing everthing bit by bit to white or to soft colors. So this frame had to be changed immediately!
Below you can see them when they were ugly!They are like shouting at me “Please paint me, paint me!”

After sanding them with a soft sandpaper and dusting, I painted them with a “primer paint” first. I always paint the old furnitures or objects with this primer. The brand name is “Trimetal Primer for Wood” . It is better to leave the object to dry for a day. Then I painted them white acrylic paint(Wicker White from Folk Art-Plaid) several times. And then in order to protect them I spayed them with “Clearcote Acrylic sealer by Plaid” 4 or 5 times. That is it! They look so beautiful in my sitting room.
Our cat “Kızım” is getting technological as well. Whenever I start writing for my blog, she immediately lays down on the printer and watches me from there. We have started a new job in our lifes together.Never mind I am very happy with her friendship!